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It all started as an accident. He was standing at the observation platform on the Lorelei rock, next to the river Rhine, when he picked up a postcard and stood at the exact angle at which the photograph was taken, creating an effect that surprised Michael. This took place in 1983. In a new trip, this time, through American lands, he noticed that a tea cup with a picture of the Statue of Liberty could be placed to create the same effect. Thus he began a hobby that has, to this day, gathered thousands of fans.

In his dozens and dozens of trips around the world, the 56-year-old German too over a hundred photos that mix reality with cheap souvenirs. Fridge magnets, postcards, coffee cups, plastic replicas, and other kinds of souvenirs, turn into incredible pictures in his hands. Michael's a freelance photographer and he argues that, although many people play with the perspective of objects, buildings or people, he is the only one doing this king of 'work'. One of the reasons Michael gives for this is that it is hard to always repeat the same angles and you need a series of combinations to arrive at the desired effect. Whenever he arrives at a new location, he always gets a hold of local souvenirs, especially the cheapest he can find, and, afterwards he takes about fifty pictures until he finds the ideal angle.

His hobby is almost obcessive, as he has been on trips for the sole purpose of taking photographs. Michael, however, has been rewarded for the uniqueness of his hobby and has even been interviewed by Jay Leno, in the world-famous 'The Tonight Show'. His pictures have been viewed millions of times on Flickr and the twenty best ones have been compiled in a book naturally entitled 'Souvenirs'.

Thus a pencil case replaces the famous London bus, a fridge magnet takes the place of the Golden Gate bridge and a pen shows the Egypt pyramids. A fun and delicious way of looking at the world and its most popular places: with pictures and souvenirs!

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