domingo, 24 de novembro de 2013


Recently a new was spread out over the Internet, published with its characteristic speed: in a few days, lots of reference websites, blogs, social networks and emails proclaimed the inauguration of a fantastic flying hotel fit up in an old Russian helicopter. Images and movies illustrated the new and surprised even the most incredulous people. You could even book a reservation at And if it was nothing but a cheat?

That is what happened. Things of Internet. The Hotelicopter was nothing but a well-succeded publicity action made on April's Fool by the touristic company Yotel. Everything was smartly planned in details to turn this happening believable. First, the new was a spread out by an anonym, associated to detailed explanations about the underlying technology -- included the fact that the old Russion helicopter took five years to be transformed.

Some more technical details, dimensions, realease dates and a bunch of images showing the equipment, the luxurious room in its interior and a video completed the campaign, where you could find a website (full with publicity) where you could book a reservation for a room to the inaugural flying.

Later, when a Yotel spokesman came, with some humor, to reveal the truth, the amazed Internet community received this new with some disappointment. Why could not be true the existence of that machine in a world where te technology can become everything possible? We trust too much in the Internet virtual reality. If, some years ago, it was used to say that you could not trust in everything you read, today we can say that you cannot trust in everything you see...

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